This website provides examples of life that are too complex to have evolved.


If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ could not have been formed by numerous successive, slight modifications my theory absolutely would break down. Charles Darwin. Origin of Species, p.189 1st ed.


Dr. Richard Dawkins "Methinks it is a weasel" evolution program fails. See Methinks it is a weasel.

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"The number of connections in the human brain is approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000. Imagine an immense forest that stretches over half the United States, a single forest that covers one million square miles. Each square mile contains 10,000 trees and each tree contains 100,000 leaves. Imagine the vast number of trees in such a forest. The number of organized electrical connections in your brain is approximately equal to the number of leaves on those trees."

Denton, Michael, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (Adler & Adler, 1985), p 330. Michael Denton gained a medical degree from Bristol University in 1969 and a PhD from King’s College, London University in 1974. He was senior research fellow in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand from 1990 – 2005. He later was a scientific reseacher in the field of genetic eye diseases. He has spoken worldwide on genetics, evolution and the anthropic argument for design. Denton's current interests include defending the "anti Darwinian evolutionary position" and the design hypothesis formulated in his book Nature’s Destiny.Denton is an agnostic. Quoted from


In order to construct a human cerebral cortex (a portion of a brain), evolution would have create three randomly mutated fully formed, timed and installed cells every hour for two billion years. Any theory that teaches a human cerebral cortex was constructed by accidental mutiations and dying animals is simply deficient. One must presume that there is no Creator in order to believe it.

And evolution does exactly that. Evolution declares that that there is no Creator and, since there is no creator, evolution must be true.

But if one presumes absolutely nothing about the Creator and views the truths found on this site and others with an entirely open mind, it is obvious that these wonders could not have happened by accidents but were designed. And, if designed, there must have been a Designer.

What is evolution anyway?

The core of the theory of evolution (Darwinism) is materialism; Darwinists do not believe that anything spiritual exists. Whereas, the core of Creationism is the belief that spiritual things do exist, including the Creator.

The problem for Darwinism's materialism is that matrialistic explanations cannot account for what science has discovered because without a Creator, the only mechanism for change is random chance.

The Darwinist will argue that evolution is not random because it is directed by natural selection. But natural selection is nothing more than the survival of stronger, better suited animals and plants over weaker animals and plants.

Darwinism's one and only explanation for how genetically superior lines of descent occur is that random mutations sometimes occur and that some of these are beneficial. As they occur they create a stronger animal or plant and the stronger survive when the weaker do not. Over the millineums this process is said to have repeated itself until all of life as we know it was created.

No one doubts that mutations occur and, although beneficial mutations are rarely observed, no one doubts that some mutations are beneficial. But random mutations and dying animals could never construct a brain.