Codes in the Brain

There is no muscle in the brain. It is composed entirely of nerves. And all nerves do is communicate. They communicate with signals. They use these signals to communicate with the rest of the body to control and monitor it and to receive data from it. They communicate with each other to produce thought, awareness, emotion and all of the other innumerable functions of the brain.

All of this communication is accomplished through electrical signals. Each electrical signal means something and different signals mean different things. The signals convey meaning or information. Meaning conveyed by signals is a language or code. This code or language is non-physical logic, exactly like the words that you are reading. The physical pixels on the computer screen create the physical words, but the meaning of the words is purely conceptual and non-physical.

That's all the brain does. It processes, receives, creates and transmits meaning.

That meaning may be sent to muscles to cause them to contract andthen extend the precise amount necessary to throw a fastball or it may be signals from a thumb conveying the fact that it has just been hit by a hammer. But that is all that brains and nerves do. They convey meaning and that meaning is non-physical logic that must be "understood" by both the sender and the receiver to operate properly.

Electrical signals travel through your optic nerve carrying meaning that describes the light received by each photo receptor in your eyes. There are 96 million such receptors1 and all of them change each time you move your eye and they convey the meaning necessary to create the awareness of a full-color, three-dimensional, full-motion representation of what is seen - all in electrical code. The proceesing in the brain is able to differentiate between 7 million colors.2

One set of signals may communicate that you are smelling wood smoke, another communicates that you are smelling burning rubber. All of these perceptions are nothing more than electrical signals sent along nerves from the sensory organ.

So there are signals for colors, another for sounds, another for touch, another for smell, another for sight or for reason or emotion, others for other intrabrain communications and others for the operation of your body. These signals are codes and these codes have never been deciphered.

These codes are so complex and so beautifully designed that they accurately convey every color that you have ever seen, every smell that you have ever smelled, every touch that you have ever experienced and every thought and emotion that you have ever had.

And these codes are pure logic. They could not have evolved.

Each one of billions of nerve cells creates the precise amount of electricity that it uses to transfer its particular code. The nerve cells create the electrical signals that they use by sending sodium and potassium ions in and out of the cell wall at rates varying up to 1000 changes per second. In 1/1000 of a second, the cell changes from a negative charge to a positive charge and then back again. In this way, nerve cells "hum" with electricity.

The meaning (the code) is in the pattern and the speed of the hum. This is the way that brain cells communicate - by codes conveyed through electrical signals that have no physical resemblance whatever to that which they convey. Every sight, sound, touch, emotion, reaction, every memory and every thought in the history of mankind is a code. Exactly like the code written to record and to play digital music. Each frequency has a code. Beetoven's Fifth Symphony can be reduced to an electrical code. Evolution believes that something that is millions of times more complex than Beetoven's Fifth Symphony was never written by anyone but simply "happened" as a result of millions of fortunate accidents.

If these nerve cells occurred by chance, then billions of cells have, by accidental mutations, were somehow arranged and organized be able as a whole to assimilate and to apply the non-physical codes. Each cell was, by accident, assigned a duty and purpose in the context of all of the billions of others. And how many different encoded expressions are there in vision? There is at least one for every color that man can see. And man can see millions of colors.

And in order for this all to happen a non-physical code would have to have evolved and inscribe itself into the both the sender (the sense organ) and the brain. How can pure logic evolve? Did one generation receive a genetic change so that the code for one color sent by a rod or cone in an eye was properly understood by the receptor neurons in the brain and this enabled the animal to survive to the prejudice of its siblings? Did that really happen over and over until "voila" man can accurately see seven million colors accurately? Where is the evidence. Where is the proof. There is none because it did not occur.

One can rationally believe that only in the event that one assumes that there is no Designer. And evolution's unshakable presumption that there is no Designer is a theological premise, not a scientific conclusion.

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