LINKS (Answers in Genesis. A truly excellent and comprehensive organization) (Center for Research in Science at Azusa Pacific University) (Access Research Network. Really excellent sources and articles. Dr. Howard Glicksman provides progressive articles on the impossibility of evolution of the human body) (A creationist site that explores the origins of the universe from the perspective of astronomy.) (Dr. Jobe Martin. Excellent lecturer on Creationism) (Creation Evidences Musem. Musem in Glen Rose, Texas that contains artifacts demonstrating creation. Dr. Carl Baugh) (Very well done interesting site oriented to Creationism and earth sciences. (Creation Research Society. One of the first and finest creationism organizations. A society of creationist scientists) (Center for Scientific Creation. Creation evidences in earth sciences.) (a really delightful site) (Founded in 1932 this is perhaps the oldest creationist organization in the world. A bastion of truth.) (a debate forum - and an opportunity to express you opinion - about creation vs evolution and other issues) (a comprehensive compendium of scientific quotations relating to evolution) (Missouri Association for Creation. A cogent and supremely logical collection of data. Highly recommended.) (Excellent site oriented toward the Bible) (Institute for Creation Research. Excellent source of information on creationism. This is one of the foundational creationism organizations.)

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Club (Comprehensive site that provides a list of 458 intellectuals who question Darwinism). Intelligent design site for people living in Kansas) (Excellent resource for educators and students) (Creation Science Research Center. Articles and links to creationism) (A creationism website in Denmark written in Dainish) (a scientifically oriented creationism website) (True Origin Archives. Extensive collection of easily accessible articles)